Access to Belgian labour market as self-employed for Ukrainian nationals with temporary protection status

Several thousands (45.300 on 31 May 2022) Ukrainian nationals and some of their family members reside in Belgium with a temporary protection status until, for the time being, 4 March 2023.

From an immigration perspective these individuals were already allowed to work in Belgium as employees without the need to obtain a specific permit (work or single permit). Under Belgian law, third country nationals with a temporary protection status have unlimited access to the labour market as employee as soon as they hold the provisional residence document “annex 15” and later the actual type A residence permit.

Until recently the temporary protection status did not allow to work as self-employed worker in Belgium: a specific permit (professional card) was required. As of 20 August 2022, Ukrainian nationals and their family members with temporary protection status can also work as self-employed workers in Belgium without a professional card. It goes without saying that the relevant legislation regarding social security, company registration, … must be complied with in order to be active as self-employed worker in Belgium.