Salary thresholds updates for 2022

The Flemish, Brussels and Wallonia regions have announced their new minimum salary thresholds for 2022 for work and single permits.

Different thresholds will apply depending on the region and type of employee (such as highly skilled employees, executives,…).

As of 1 January 2022, the following new gross EUR salary amounts will apply.

Type of permitFlanders 2021Flanders 2022Brussels 2021Brussels 2022Wallonia 2021Wallonia 2022
Highly skilled43.524 (34.819,20 for local employee < 30 or nurse)45.096
(36.076,80 for local employee < 30 or nurse)
Blue Card52.22954.11556.11157.01956.11257.019

We explained which salary components should be taken into account for the calculation of the gross EUR wage as mentioned above in a previous blogpost.

Lastly, compliance with these salary thresholds is crucial to continue to guarantee (new) employment in Belgium.