Digital platform “Working in Belgium” for single permit applications is scheduled to be operational as of 31 May 2021

On 22 March 2021 we informed you about the upcoming digital/electronic platform in order to facilitate information gathering/exchange by/between the authorities, involved in single permit processing. These authorities are the 3 regions (Brussels, Flanders, and Wallonia), the federal immigration office, foreign consular posts, municipalities, and the national social security office.

As a reminder: the practical roll-out of the digital platform “Working in Belgium” is planned in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 : all single permit applications (first applications and renewals) will be processed via the digital platform « Working in Belgium », where the applicant can consult his file è test phase as of April 2021; operational after test phase;
  • Phase 2: integrated electronic exchange between the platform and the authorities concerned è planning: operational end June 2021;
  • Phase 3 : extension of the scope of applications via  “Working in Belgium” to, work permits, professional cards and single permits for indefinite duration è anticipated timing: 2022.

 The test phase in phase 1 was supposed to end on 30 April 2021, which would mean that the digital platform would be operational as of 3 May 2021. However, the launch date has been postponed to 31 May 2021 in order to allow additional tests.

We will continue to keep you posted.